He’d better be wearing a shirt. #cummings #boris #coronavirus

As Trump played golf the White House was claiming that he was 'working tirelessly'

So #dominicummings will make a statement and take questions in a news conference at 4pm from the Rose Garden of Downing Street. It’ll be a prickly affair.

Queen's Brian May feels "incredibly grateful" after recovering from a "small heart attack" that left him "very near death"

Poppa Was a Playa (Explicit) - Nas via @YouTube

'We refused to take suspected #Covid19 patients.'

Despite government pressure to take patients being discharged from hospitals, this care home refused and locked down early to protect its residents.



This is an emotional plea for @NBC to renew @ZoeysPlaylist for Season 2

No other employer has threatened to ‘fire and rehire’ its entire workforce. Why do @British_Airways think this is acceptable. Shouldn’t @BarclaysUK as corporate clients be asking questions? @BASSA_2000 @UniteTGU @MFUnite #COVID19 #BAbetrayal #BankHolidayMonday

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